New benchmarking survey for Canadian newspapers

Newspapers Canada has retained Borrell Associates to conduct a benchmarking survey that will establish certain metrics for Canadian newspapers in 2010. These will be used to compare our industry with US newspapers, and through periodic updating it will also identify any trending.

Canadian newspapers have gone through major changes to their business operations in the last few years. The survey will track the new normal for Canadian newspapers, and offer valuable benchmark figures on internal expenses and revenues. The questions are based on similar surveys in the US. We encourage participation from both daily and community newspapers.

Every publisher who submits data will receive a copy of the benchmark results. The report will provide a glimpse of averages by region and also by circulation size, but the divisions will not be fine enough to identify your newspaper. Your individual answers will be kept completely confidential.

Data is being collected by the following methods:

  • Chain-owned newspapers – via corporate head office
  • Independently owned newspapers – via online survey

Emails were sent on May 24 and 25 to all candidates, with instructions on how to complete the survey.

The deadline for completing the survey is Monday, June 6.