comSCORE provides digital picture

A just released study from comSCORE called “Digital Omnivores: How Tablets, Smartphones and Connected Devices are Changing U.S. Digital Media Consumption Patterns” is summarized.

Some of the data cannot be applied to Canada (mainly because our mobile usage is lower). But some of the data is usable and is presented below.

Share of internet traffic from non-computer devices

  • vs. other countries: Singapore (the highest) is at 7.2%. Canada comes in 6th of 10 countries listed at 4.4% – placing us behind the U.S. (6.8%) but ahead of France (2.3%) and Brazil (1%).
  • Mobile vs. Tablet vs. Other: Most countries are similar to the U.S. in breakdown: 64% mobile, 28% tablet, 8% other. Canada is unique in that tablet is strong (matching that of other high-use nations) but mobile is lower in Canada, therefore the breakdown is 47% mobile, 40% tablet, 13% other. Other includes e-readers, gaming consoles and other hand-held devices.

Digital consumption by daypart (U.S.)

  • Weekday: Morning sees mobile, tablet and computer all used to the same extent. Due to workplace activity, computer is considerably higher than the others during the day (tablet lowest). 9pm to midnight, tablet usage peaks and is the highest among the three.
  • Weekend: All three devices, mobile, tablet and computer are used to the same extent, peaking in the morning, declining by mid-day and remaining steady for the rest of the day.

Top mobile activities (U.S.)

  • Top 10 activities: email (personal use), weather, social media/blog, games, search, maps, news, listened to music, instant message service, email (work)
  • Growth in top 10: All grew from year ago (between +9% and 41%)
  • News: Accessing news grew a healthy +36% over year ago, maintaining its position in the top 10

Tablets (U.S.)

  • Users: Skew slightly male (55%), majority are 25-44 (51%) and affluent (46% earn >$100K household income)
  • News: Almost 60% consumed world, national or local news on their tablet
  • Other news content consumed: 54% sports, 54% entertainment/music/celebrity, 52% financial, 49% technology