Association de la presse francophone joins CCNA

At a special general members meeting held on Wednesday, November 30, the members of the Canadian Community Newspapers Association (CCNA) voted unanimously to accept the Association de la presse francophone (APF) as an affiliated member.

"This is a wonderful day for the CCNA family," said CCNA president Paul MacNeill. "As an association our goal is to create as large an umbrella as possible…we want to be the definitive voice for all of Canada’s newspapers and I’m thrilled that APF recognizes the significant benefits being a CCNA member can bring. I look forward to APF joining CCNA as our eighth region."

Following the decision, APF president Étienne Alary released the following statement on behalf of the association and its members. "As president of the APF, I am pleased that our application for membership was accepted unanimously by the CCNA’s board and members. The APF’S membership in the CCNA represents a new chapter in our evolution as an association. I have no doubt that our membership will derive benefits from the CCNA’s services as well through closer links with the Canadian community newspaper industry. We look forward to adding our contribution to the ongoing development of our industry and the CCNA."

CCNA affiliated members are regional associations representing community newspapers and other similar organizations. APF becomes CCNA’s eighth affiliated member and first French-language affiliated member.

Based in Ottawa, APF represents 23 French-Canadian community newspapers outside of Quebec. The acceptance of APF’s application brings CCNA’s general membership to 792 titles.

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