Globe and Mail to launch metered pay wall on Monday, October 22

On Monday, October 22, The Globe and Mail introduced Globe Unlimited, a new metered pay model for its online content. Visitors to the and the Globe’s mobile app are now able to access 10 free articles per month before being asked to register for the new digital subscription service. Content on the newspaper’s home page, stock quotes, letters to the editor and section fronts for business, life, commentary, arts and sports will still be available free of charge for all readers. Articles accessed via search-engines, blogs and social media links will not count against the metered limit.

Globe Unlimited subscribers will have unrestricted access to all content–including archived materials–and will also be able to take advantage of new online tools such as a customizable content management dashboard that will allow subscribers to track news and create personalized reading lists.

Anyone with a five- or six-day subscription to the printed newspaper will automatically be considered a Globe Unlimited subscriber. Weekend-only subscribers will be asked to pay $4.99 a month for unlimited access, while those without a subscription will be charged $19.99 a month after a one-month, 99-cent trial.

The Globe and Mail first announced its plans for a metered pay wall service in November 2011.

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