More than 1.3 million Canadians booked a trip after seeing the ads and 15% of those opted to change their vacation from going abroad to staying at home in Canada.

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The Challenge: Most Canadians perceive their own country as familiar and other countries as more exciting destinations for travel. Marketing efforts from international destinations had been effective in delivering this message and attracting travelers. Canadians had taken 27 million trips outside the country primarily contributing to a record travel deficit of $12.6 billion.

The Objective: The Canadian Tourism Commission wanted to convince Canadians to take a stay-cation. The goal was to stimulate Canada’s tourism economy and inspire them to travel within Canada by highlighting to them exotic, world-class experiences available to them in their own backyard.

The Plan: To reach across Canada, the campaign kicked off with a newspaper campaign. Newspapers deliver strong travel content and the ability to deliver a visual making them a perfect fit for the message and the creative. It was also supported in other media including TV, online and magazine. All the ads drove to a website that provided more travel information.

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