Newspapers Atlantic launches new reader survey for newspapers

Newspapers Atlantic, in collaboration with Clear Picture Corporation, has developed an online readership survey and is making it available to all Newspaper Canada members. Key benefits of the readership survey include the ability to measure reader opinion on a variety of topics, create readership engagement as well as benchmarking and results gathered in real-time with monthly reporting.

The reader survey contains questions related to Demographics (age, gender, household income, home ownership, education), Reader Opinion (advertising, community news, direct feedback), Consumption Habits (preferred content, preferred platforms, frequency), Purchasing Habits (factors in making buying decisions, where majority of purchases are made).

How it works: Each participating newspaper is assigned a unique code that readers enter online to complete the survey. Clear Picture generates reports and creates benchmarks on an ongoing, monthly basis. The survey contains information to help you and your team understand the readership of your Community Newspaper. Reports are designed to be informative and concise, and present data in comparison to the aggregate total.

How much does it cost? The MSRP is $999 per publication, annually. Newspapers Atlantic is currently offering it for $799. Regional newspaper associations can purchase access on behalf of members for less than $60/month. Volume discounts are also available.

What’s next? In addition to the readership survey and future improvements to the survey including customization, Newspapers Atlantic is working with Clear Picture to develop a number of revenue generation tools including business customer satisfaction surveys, online reader panels and instant reader polls.

For more information, please contact Mike Kierstead, Executive Director of Newspapers Atlantic., 902-402-3777.