Community newspaper readership survey now available

Newspapers Atlantic, in collaboration with Clear Picture Corporation, has developed an online readership survey and is making it available to all Newspaper Canada members. The survey contains information to help publishers and their teams develop a great understanding of their readers. The survey covers demographics, reader opinion, consumption habits and purchasing habits. Each participating newspaper is assigned a unique code that readers enter online to complete the survey. Clear Picture generates reports and creates benchmarks on an ongoing, monthly basis.

Click here to view an example survey »

The cost for participation is $999 per publication, annually. Newspapers Atlantic is currently offering a special, introductory price of $799. Regional newspaper associations can purchase access on behalf of members for less than $60/month. Volume discounts are also available.

For more information about the survey and to sign your newspaper up, contact Mike Kierstead at Newspapers Atlantic at or? 902-402-3777.