Webinar: What we can learn from small newspaper groups

Believe it or not, there are newspapers in the United States that are achieving steady growth, rather than participating in the industry trend of decline. These are the small and independently owned newspaper groups. What are these publications doing that everyone else is missing?

Inland Press Association is hosting a special webinar presentation titled What we can learn from small newspaper groups on Thursday, September 10, 2015. Speaker Jeremy Mims, co-founder of OwnLocal, will discuss how publishers can replicate the successful practices of small, independently owned newspaper groups. Participants will hear: 

  • How a quality product attracts quality advertisers, which attracts more quality advertisers
  • Why company culture is key to success
  • The importance of overinvesting in reporters (and ALL of your top talent)
  • The benefit of investing in your community with no direct return

You should leave this webinar with actionable items that you can apply at your organization today that will immediately drive growth, along with several case studies that demonstrate how these items have worked for newspapers across the country.

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