Statistics Canada releases August 2015 data for Large Retailers Monthly Survey

Statistics Canada has released August 2015 data from their Monthly Survey of Large Retailers (LMR). Year-over-year sales for total commodities were down 3.7%, with the greatest losses in Tobacco Products/Supplies (-35.2%), Home Electronics, Computers and Cameras (-18.7%) and Toys, Games and Hobby Supplies (-11.9%).The largest category (Food) was down 2.2% over August 2014.

This monthly report provides a breakdown of national retail sales on the basis of commodities for a panel of about 80 large retail enterprises. The survey covers Canada’s largest food, clothing, home furnishings, electronics, sporting goods, and general merchandise retailers (department stores are included). Together, these retailers represent about 35% of total annual retail sales after excluding recreational and motor vehicle dealers.

A summary table of August 2015 data can be accessed online at