Vividata launches with Fall 2015 readership study

The latest readership data from Vividata shows that Canadians of all ages are reading newspapers more than ever, across a variety of platforms. Vividata, the amalgamated organization of NADbank and Print Measurement Bureau (PMB), launches this week with the release of its inaugural readership survey.

The Fall 2015 study provides single source, cross-platform audience measurement for 78 daily newspapers and 80 consumer magazines.

The study reveals that newspaper readership on a “read yesterday” basis is up 6% from 2010. Furthermore, digital readers have almost tripled in the last five years, with 70% of digital readers accessing content on their mobile device. The survey also provides insightful data on young adult readership: a little less than 50% of young adults (aged 18-34) read a newspaper yesterday, and almost 75% of those readers consume news via a digital platform (online, tablet and smartphones).

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