Hebdos Québec launches Mon Journal Local mobile app

This month marks the launch of a new mobile app for independent weekly newspapers in Quebec. Hebdos Québec and European software developer Protecmedia have partnered to develop Mon Journal Local, a new multiplatform digital publishing tool that is similar in design to the La Presse +/Toronto Star Touch model.

Available for smartphone and tablet users, Mon Journal Local allows viewers to create a customizable kiosk with their favourite newspaper titles and gives publishers the opportunity to upload interactive editorial content, photo galleries, videos and advertising campaigns.

Mon Journal Local screenshot courtesy of the App Store
Mon Journal Local screenshot courtesy of the App Store

Out of Hebdos Québec’s 32 weekly newspaper members, 24 publications will be available via the free tablet app, with papers being installed gradually until September 2016. “Our goal is to reach 250 000 downloads by December 2016,” Hebdos Quebec CEO and marketing director Gilber Paquette told Newspapers Canada.

Founded in 1932, Hebdos Québec is a non-profit organization representing French-language weekly newspapers in Quebec, which collectively reach approximately 1.5 million readers every week.