Exclusive readers provide opportunity for publishers

According to a new study from Vividata, exclusive readers, or those who read one newspaper title and no other, provide an opportunity for publishers and marketers.

The reasoning, the study argues, is because exclusive readers are unique, engaged, and represent a surprisingly large segment in a fragmented media landscape. In Toronto, for example, exclusive readers represent more than one-quarter of all newspaper readers.

In other major media markets outside of Toronto, those numbers also hold true. Overall, exclusive daily readership is consistently around 30 per cent of the population.


What does this mean?

As Vividata’s analysis points out, publishers can develop content strategies to appeal to their exclusive audience and grow their loyalty and frequency of reading. As well, newspapers can deliver a loyal and unique audience to marketers, which can be leveraged to help target specific offers or events to exclusive readers.

For more information on this study, please check out Sara Hill’s blog on the International News Media Association website.