Special offer for CCNA members

The International Society of Weekly Newspaper Editors (ISWNE) is extending a complimentary trial membership to CCNA members who have not been members of ISWNE in the past three years.

This trial membership includes:

  • Access to the valuable Hotline tool, where a listserv allows for important publisher/editor questions to be answered, almost in real time, by a host of experienced global journalists via exclusive email thread.
  • Access to the digital monthly newsletter, which highlights ISWNE members’ accomplishments, updates and also re-prints columns and editorials from the membership; as well as Grassroots Editor, a quarterly ISWNE journal.
  • Entry (a separate $20 fee for two editorials) to the prestigious Golden Quill award for best editorial writing.
  • An invitation to the annual ISWNE AGM/Awards gala and workshops in various places around the world. (This year’s event was held in Australia; next year, it will be held in DC.) The conferences are a mix of engaging sightseeing and informative workshops on journalism-related issues.

If you are interested in signing up for a complimentary trial membership, please contact ISWNE executive director Chad Stebbins at Stebbins-C@mssu.edu.