Vividata’s 2017 Q3 study is now available

Vividata, ( Canada’s authoritative source for insights into cross-media and consumer behaviour, today released their latest results, which surveyed 43,325 Canadians (aged 12+) from October 2016 through to September 2017. Vividata continues to deliver industry leading tracking and reporting of the most current insights on Canadian media behaviour.

The Q3 release is a single source database, collecting cross-platform media metrics as well as comprehensive consumer behavior, including psychographics, product, brand and retail usage.

Some highlights include:

  • Newspapers and magazines continue to play an important part in Canadian lives, reaching nine of 10 adults per week across a number of platforms.
  • Seventy six per cent of adults read a newspaper in the past week. Vividata notes a subtle shift from print to digital overall, while print editions are dramatically more popular on weekends. As expected, many Millennials are discovering newspaper content through social media (63 per cent).
  • Reach of magazine brands is consistent over the past 12 months at 76 per cent, and one third of those readers are using a mobile device. Business magazines in French and English have the strongest digital following.
  • Of the 8 million+ Millennials in Canada, 41 per cent are using a smartphone to read magazines. Social media is the conduit that leads 59 per cent of Millennials to magazine content.
  • Nearly 13 million Canadians (40 per cent) accessed Netflix in the past month, while 54 per cent accessed YouTube.
  • Canadians drive an average of 136 km per week, this is even higher among high income earners.