Local Matters

News Media Canada has developed a new campaign for 2019 (“Proud Advertiser”) that is designed to remind advertisers and consumers that supporting LOCAL makes a difference to their communities.  Let’s remind advertisers of the benefits associated with advertising in the local newspaper and the prestige of printed acknowledgement.

The first part of the campaign includes customizable ads for publishers to run in their papers featuring logos/names of local advertisers that support their community with their ads in the local paper.  Ad material is available in various sizes, along with source files for further customization.  Think about which of your advertisers you can feature in the ads and remind your readers that supporting these advertisers will help your own local community economy.  Download the material from our site here.

The second part of the “Proud Advertiser” campaign includes a customizable sticker that newspapers can deliver to their advertisers so they can proudly display their support of the local economy. These stickers can be delivered to your advertisers by sales staff to kick start conversations about 2019 advertising and to thank them for their previous support.  The phase 2 “Proud Advertiser” campaign ads will encourage readers to look for the Proud Advertiser sticker when shopping locally.  Think about how many stickers you need for your paper and get ready to order your “Proud Advertiser” sticker pack soon.  More details to come.

Download material for the “Proud Advertiser” campaign here.