Community newspapers celebrate their Proud Advertisers

This month News Media Canada launched an exclusive “members only” program specifically for community newspapers.  As part of a Heritage funded project, the Proud Advertiser Program Benefit provides CNMA member community newspapers with an opportunity to offset some of the costs of launching this unique local market promotion.  Qualifying publications will receive $300 for publishing a Proud Advertiser ad + an editorial piece explaining the program to readers and ordering their FREE custom stickers. A few eager papers have already been mailed their cheques!

The Proud Advertiser program is designed to recognize and reward local advertisers and nurture the local economy to keep your community vibrant and healthy.  Every dollar spent in your community crosses the street at least several times before it leaves.  Every dollar spent out of town never returns.  When residents and businesses support local establishments everyone wins.

Newspapers can download house ads to customize with local advertiser logos and then order their FREE custom stickers to deliver to those advertisers.  The final phase of the campaign (to be launched later this month) is designed to encourage local residents to support the Proud Advertisers that support the local paper.

To qualify, newspapers must be CNMA member community newspapers (in good standing) and complete the following steps:

1.      Opt-in to the program online here.  To access the page a login to the Member section of the News Media Canada website is required.  Those without a login can Register online and once approved by News Media Canada can then access the program benefit page. 

2.      Publish at least one Proud Advertiser ad with local advertisers featured and customized with your newspaper logo.  Ad material can be downloaded here.

3.      In the same issue as the ad, include an editorial highlighting this unique local promotion campaign to readers.  A sample op-ed is available for inspiration or use with credit here (login required).

4.      Order your FREE custom stickers here.

5.      Upload proof of publication before March 25 to receive $300.  Login is also required to access the proof of publication upload page here.

The Proud Advertiser Program Benefit is open to the first 300 member community newspapers who opt-in and there are still spots left.  Email Kelly Levson, Director of Marketing and Research with any questions.  Local Matters!