Phase 3 of our Proud Advertiser campaign has been launched + program benefit deadline extended

The final phase of the Proud Advertiser campaign is now available. Can’t wait? Then just download the latest materials by clicking here.  This phase of the campaign is designed to run after distributing custom stickers to advertisers in your market.

  1. The first phase of the program allows newspapers to recognize their loyal advertisers by running house ads featuring advertiser logos and reinforcing the importance of local.  Newspapers can download ad templates and customize the ads with their own logo and the logos of their advertisers.
  2. The second phase provides newspapers with FREE custom Proud Advertiser stickers that can be distributed to advertisers so they can display their support for the local economy. Newspapers can order their free stickers online by clicking here.
  3. The final phase of the campaign includes ad creative (print/digital) that newspapers can run year-round.  Encourage your readers to look for the Proud Advertiser stickers and support local businesses.  Creative is designed to remind readers that keeping their dollars local will ensure your community continues to grow and thrive.

The Proud Advertiser Program Benefit has also been extended into April.  Member community newspapers can qualify to receive $300 to help offset the costs of getting this program started in their market.  Full details can be found by clicking here.

What are publishers saying about this campaign?

“The Proud Advertiser program is a terrific incentive for us to be doing what we should be doing all the time – recognizing our advertising supporters and highlighting the beneficial connection between a strong local business community and strong local media. It has reminded us to engage with our advertisers and our readers and deepen our relationship with both. Thanks, News Media Canada, for the nudge in the right direction!”

– Tim Shoults, Kamloops This Week, BC

Contact Kelly Levson at with any questions.