Proud Advertisers support local markets across the country

Newspapers across the country are recognizing their Proud Advertisers and are participating in this new program to support their local market economy.

There is no cost to run Proud Advertiser program.  It is designed to run year-round using house ads to feature loyal advertisers and then engaging those advertisers by delivering custom window stickers highlighting their support for the local economy.

After advertisers are on board displaying stickers you can run house ads designed to encourage readers to support the local businesses that support the local paper. Click here for more information on the Proud Advertiser local market program.

The Proud Advertiser PROGRAM BENEFIT is a time-limited offer of $300 to help get this program launched in your market during the month of April. This offer is open to our member community newspapers who qualify by running an ad + editorial and order their free custom stickers before the end of this month.

More information can be found online by clicking here (login required) or reading the news story online here.

Take a look at some of the Proud Advertiser material that has already been published for some inspiration by clicking here.  If you have any questions or need help getting this program started, just email Kelly at