What is engagement and why is it important to advertising?

Advertising is about more than awareness or exposure.  Effective advertising is about engagement.

News Media Canada, with the support of the Department of Canadian Heritage, contracted Totum Research earlier this year to explore the complex issue of engagement with media and advertising.

This new research study explores how Canadians engage with news and advertising in traditional and digital media. In today’s media environment the sheer volume of media and advertising messages is overwhelming. Consumers are exposed to thousands of brands and ads daily but only about 100 will create awareness and only about 12 of these messages will make an impression and engage consumers.

Engagement is what helps advertising break through the clutter to ultimately motivate consumers to research products and take action. Engagement can take many forms, including readership, time spent with media, trust in media or action taken. This new study goes beyond these definitions of engagement and examines 16 different engagement measures including statements relating to news and advertising specifically.

The results confirm that news media engage consumers like no other traditional or digital media. Printed newspapers top the list as the most engaging media, which is no surprise since reading a newspaper requires full attention. Advertising engagement specifically for printed newspapers is almost 2 times higher than the average of all ten media measured.

More detail on this study can be found on the News Media Canada website by clicking here.

A presentation (with speaker notes for members) is available to download as well as a fact sheet/handout.  For more information contact Kelly at klevson@newsmediacanada.ca.