Vividata’s Fall 2019 Study marks first major release with its new core measurement partner Ipsos Canada

Vividata, Canada’s leading cross-media and consumer research firm, has released their latest survey results.

In field from April – Dec 2018 (9 months) and April – June 2019 (3 months) and surveying 39,803 respondents (aged 14+), Vividata’s Survey of the Canadian Consumer (SCC) is the most comprehensive single source cross-media, product, attitudinal and brand research study in Canada.

Moving into 2019, Vividata refined its measurement objectives to reflect enhanced quality and relevance of audience estimates. This future proof solution leverages investment in passive measurement and a multi-partner measurement strategy. The Fall 2019 Survey of the Canadian Consumer marks the first major study to be released by Vividata with its new core measurement partner, Ipsos Canada.

Media highlights in this release include:

• 85% of Canadian adults read/access magazine or news brands weekly via print or digital platforms

• 73% read newspaper brand content weekly, with just under half accessing content via a smartphone.


•  Nearly 9 million Canadian adults watched videos on YouTube in the past week, with 1 in 2 watching videos on a mobile device.

•  3.7 million Canadian adults have listened to a podcast, up from 3.2 million from the previous year.


•  69% of Canadian adults searched online for a product, brand, or service after seeing in ad in any media.

• 77% noticed an out of home ad in the past week.