Vividata and Manifold Launch New Analytics Capabilities in Polaris Intelligence

Vividata, Canada’s leader in consumer and cross media research, and Manifold Data Mining have partnered to deliver market insights within Manifold’s newly updated Polaris Intelligence platform.

Applying collaborative filtering and supervised deep learning techniques to Vividata’s Survey of the Canadian Consumer (SCC) and post-legalization Consumer Cannabis Study, Manifold has extrapolated the survey to the 6-digit postal code level. Marketers, data scientists, modelers, and analysts can leverage the power of Vividata to gain consumer and market insights across Canada at both standard and custom geographic levels. For each 6-digit postal code, this new data product provides estimates of what products consumers buy, where and how often they shop, how much they spend, which media channels they use, their lifestyles, as well as their attitudes.

Vividata’s Survey of the Canadian Consumer, with nearly 40,000 respondents (aged 14+) and over 60,000 variables, is the most comprehensive single source cross-media, product, attitudinal and brand research study in Canada.