Vividata announces changes to its Board of Directors for 2020

Vividata, Canada’s authoritative source for insights on multi-media and consumer behavior, continues its rapid evolution by transforming the composition of its Board of Directors.

Peter Kvarnstrom, President of Community Media at Glacier Media Group, is the new Vividata Board Chair, transitioning from Robert Brown, Vice President of Cineplex Media. In addition, Vividata’s Board adds three new members: Kevin Kivi, Executive Vice-President and General Manager of Horizon Media; Tammy Gardner, Manager of Planning at The Home Depot Canada; and Andrew Rusk, Head of Marketing Communications at Canopy Growth Corporation.

“It has been a pleasure to serve on Vividata’s Board of Directors for the past three and a half years and I am honoured to take on the role of Board Chair,” says Peter Kvarnstrom. “All members of the Board have been leaders in their respective industries making lasting contributions to Vividata, and the Chairs that have preceded me, Philip Crawley, Kirby Miller and Robert Brown, have done an exceptional job of leading the Board. As Vividata continues to spearhead new measurement initiatives in Canada, I look forward to playing a greater part in the impact they have on audience and consumer measurement research.”

In the last two years, Vividata has architected a product offensive that sought to fill gaps in consumer research in Canada and taken steps to redefine and future proof audience measurement. “An effort of this size and pace could only be accomplished by a highly supportive Board committed to guiding us in our measurement endeavors,” says Pat Pellegrini, Ph.D., President & CEO of Vividata.  “The Vividata Board is a reflection of our strategy to expand our consumer research portfolio and quickly evolve our audience measurement capabilities – from cross-media audiences, to cannabis users, to sports fans, to ethnic consumers in Canada.”

One of the first new syndicated studies launched was the Consumer Cannabis Study that is set to field a third iteration in early spring.  “Canada needs reliable and actionable consumer-centric data,” says Canopy Growth’s Andrew Rusk. “Vividata has a rich history of serving as a foundational resource for understanding media habits, lifestyle, and brand preferences, and its expansion into new and emerging categories helps marketers and brands create stronger insights and better decisions.”

Along with these new additions, the Vividata Board composition is split equally between media companies and advertisers/agencies. This change to the Board composition permits increased responsiveness and agility in the continually evolving audience and consumer measurement space.

Much of the trust in Vividata is owed to its dedicated Research Committee, which will also see an evolution in structure in 2020. The Research Committee mirrors the Board in composition and will now welcome expertise from a broader member base through a series of working groups that will address cross-media audience metrics, digital/passive data collection and consumer insights.