Canadian band The Arkells are supporting journalism with offer of exclusive merchandise

The Arkells, a band based in Hamilton, Ont., are asking fans to stop “running from that paywall” and support local newspapers and daily publications by purchasing a year-long subscription to the outlet of their choice, which they can then show the band in exchange for a custom T-shirt.

“Good reporting not only keeps us in the loop, but also makes sure our big wigs are held accountable — to ensure there is no sneaky biz,” the band wrote on their website.

“Somewhere along the way, we took this for granted,” they continued. “We forgot that we have to pay for this vital service, and that reporting the news isn’t free. In our own city we’ve seen our local newspaper continue to shrink, and we worry about its future and the future of other local newspapers.”

Since launching the initiative earlier today, the band have seen an “amazing” response, with “hundreds of subscriptions rolling in” for outlets including the Hamilton SpectatorToronto Star, sports site The Athletic and more.

Read more here – and get in on the merchandise offer.