Le Devoir reports profitability for the third consecutive year

Earlier this week, Le Devoir has reported its profitability for the third consecutive year. It’s the fifth year in the last seven that the French-language newspaper has been in the black, which the independent says is a remarkable feat in these turbulent times, per a report by Media in Canada.

How have they succeeded while advertising models have collapsed during the COVID-19 pandemic? Two areas. The first: revenue from subscriptions. The second: donations.

Le Devoir’s general manager, Brian Myles, says it’s crucial for his publication to not be entirely dependent on advertising, and that free content will not be a sustainable model for media in the long term.

“We do not believe in a world where you can finance your activities by advertising. You need subscribers in the mix,” Myles says. So, our product is tailored for the needs of the audience – and the choices we make are first and foremost for the readers.”

You can read the full piece here.