IAB Canada releases domestic news list

IAB Canada has announced the release of its Canadian News Media List project. This first of its kind project positions Canada as a leader in efforts to give domestic news media a fighting chance in the programmatic landscape.

By offering a defined and verified Tech Lab object that acts as an “allowlist”, the Canadian News Media List will help advertisers circumvent domestic news blockage in their efforts to shield brand exposure to international, volatile news content – especially in today’s highly political climate. This effort goes a long way towards protecting domestic news content from the broader blockages that impact all English-speaking news entities around the globe.

The IAB Tech Lab sanctioned list of credible local news publishers will not only help buyers safely place ads on Canadian news publisher websites, but will also provide buyers important data points about the supply chain to develop greater confidence among buyers placing ads via programmatic real time bidding methods on the listed sites such as ads.txt.

You can read more about the project here.