Attention metrics prove digital ads work

The U.K.-based Telegraph newspaper has taken a big step in proving that their advertisements work by improving their measurement capabilities and metrics. Newly introduced Metrics that Matter is able to measure digital ad success beyond just clicks and impressions; it is able to give advertisers reporting and optimization on attention metrics to deliver better outcomes.

Since the introduction of Metrics that Matter, it has created new business, repeat clients, and successfully grown campaign size, with the average digital campaign price having increased by 24% year over year.

Metrics that Matter measures user attention using factors like dwell time, interaction and time in view, and then correlates it with ‘uplift metrics’ such as awareness, consideration, preference, and action intent.

“There was a clear difference,” said Anthony Crocker, Head of Campaign Innovation at The Telegraph. “We’ve been in the market talking about how attention drives brand metrics that then drive commercial metrics, but we had proof it was actually happening.”

Stronger metrics have also improved the newspaper’s subscription strategy. Some results they found were that subscribers were 40% more likely to remember the brand’s advertisements, when compared against anonymous visitors.

“Prior to March, I’m not sure how seriously it was being taken [by marketers]. Now agencies will say it’s between us and one other publisher and what are we going to do to prove we can deliver and optimize better? We want to make sure we demonstrate how attention metrics drive long-term outcomes” said Crocker.