Newspaper media reach all target groups during COVID-19

Access to digital news platforms has only increased Canadians’ access to news content, particularly during the COVID-19 pandemic. In 2012 weekly readership was 85%, and in 2020 weekly readership is 87%.

Newspaper readership is strong among these three target groups and is driven by digital platforms, particularly mobile, with duplication across platforms.  In terms of readership, these three groups over-index on every platform.


  • Business Decision Makers: 95% readership among this target group which includes professionals, senior management/executives, and business owners/self-employed Canadians.
  • Community Influencers: 94% readership among those who meet 3+ of the following statements:
      • Find a new product and typically recommend it to others;
      • Keep informed about new products and services;
      • People frequently ask for my advice;
      • Always the first to try new products/services; and
      • Frequently share information about products/services on social media
  • Households with incomes higher than $100,000: 88% readership

This research, conducted in November 2020, asked 855 Canadians about their readership in 2020, before COVID-19, and since the start of the second wave.  The study was managed by Totum Research and was conducted online in English and French in all Canadian provinces.