The Globe and Mail launches The Decibel, a new weekday podcast

The Globe and Mail has launched its first daily news podcast, The Decibel. Hosted by Tamara Khandaker, this new podcast will explore a new topic in depth every weekday morning.

In conversation with reporters, experts, and the people at the centre of the news, each episode of The Decibel will explore a story shaping our world.

“We’re living through an extraordinary time, and with so much happening in Canada and globally, it’s important to slow down, provide the context behind breaking news stories, and unpack their short and long-term consequences,” says Khandaker, who brings experience in print, audio and television journalism to the podcast. “With The Decibel, we’ll bring listeners a global citizen’s perspective, allow them to see how the news matters to them, and empower them to engage in important conversations.”

“Podcasting as a platform has become a must-have for media organizations,” says David Walmsley, Editor-in-Chief of The Globe and Mail. “Readers already know and trust The Globe’s high-profile team of reporters to provide them with the information and context they need. This podcast will showcase the personalities and expertise of our team, and enable our talented pool of journalists to share how they accomplish their reporting.”

The Decibel will offer listeners the same authoritative reporting, analysis and engaging storytelling that’s a hallmark of The Globe’s award-winning print and digital journalism.

Upcoming episodes include deeper looks at Globe reporter Nathan VanderKlippe’s work covering China, gender and power in the workplace with investigative reporter Robyn Doolittle, climate change, and post-pandemic personal investments.

The podcast is on Apple PodcastsSpotifyStitcheriHeartRadio and other podcast platforms.