The Kipling Clipper is ready for launch

Grasslands News Group is set to launch a subscription-based newspaper, called the Kipling Clipper, that will be available to residents in several communities in rural Saskatchewan.

The publication will be distributed on Fridays to people Kipling, Windthorst, Kennedy and Langbank, SK.

Publisher Chris Ashfield, who lives in nearby Whitewood, SK., has worked for more than 30 years in the community newspaper industry. Along with Ashfield, there are three other owners and silent partners in the company, all of which also have decades of experience in the community newspaper industry.

“We are a local newspaper company that works, lives and employs people from the communities we serve. Unlike corporate owners, our primary focus is to provide readers and advertisers with the best local coverage we can and not just treat it as a revenue line item on a huge budget. We are a small business and we know the importance of being part of the communities we serve,” said Ashfield.

You can read more about the launch of the publication here.