CMDC launches Canadian Media Manifesto

The Canadian Media Directors’ Council (CMDC), an association of Canadian media agencies that works to ensure a strong marketplace, launched what it is calling the Canadian Media Manifesto in order to advocate for local journalism. The launch coincided with World News Day.

According to a story published by Media in Canada, CMDC is asking leaders in the media industry – including those at Google and Facebook – to pledge their awareness of the plight of local news and their commitment to championing its importance.

“Local media is part of the fabric of every community in Canada, providing information and resources that ensure transparency, promote accountability, and support our economy,” the Manifesto page says. “We have a critical role to play in building an infrastructure that allows Canadian media to thrive. It starts by committing to support Canadian media.”

The campaign is running across digital channels. Signatories to the Manifesto are asked to share the pledge on own social networks. You can learn more about the campaign by watching the short video embedded below.