Canadian photographers fêted by 2022 World Press Photo competition

Two Canadian photographers have been acknowledged for their outstanding work in this year’s World Press Photo competition.

Amber Bracken received a ‘singles’ award for her work on photographing Kamloops Residential School, on assignment for The New York Times. Louie Palu received an award for his long-term project Political Year Zero.

The World Press Photo Foundation is proud to introduce the regional winners of the 2022 World Press Photo Contest. In each of the six regions of our new contest model, a selection of entries per category was first made by regional juries, from which the global jury then selected 24 regional winners and six honorable mentions.

Chosen out of 64,823 entries by 4,066 photographers from 130 countries, the 2022 Contest regional winners are 24 photographers from 23 countries: Argentina, Australia, Canada, Colombia, Bangladesh, Brazil, Ecuador, Egypt, France, Germany, Greece, India, Indonesia, Japan, Madagascar, Mexico, the Netherlands, Nigeria, Norway, Palestine, Russia, Sudan, and Thailand.

Providing a variety of perspectives from all corners of the globe, the awarded works present courageous stories, invaluable insights and a diversity of interpretations – from the undeniable effects of the climate crisis to civil rights movements, and from access to education to preserving indigenous practices and identity. In yet another transformative year for the world, the majority of the 2022 World Press Photo Contest winners also tell the stories of those related to them, with 19 out of 24 of the awarded projects told by photographers from the country and/or community in which their story is from.