Local information keeps readers connected to their communities, research shows

Local news continues to be a driving force for newspaper engagement, for readers, and advertisers a Totum Research study conducted December 2021.

Every week community newspapers shine an unfiltered light on their community and are solely dedicated to telling the stories of the community.

More than eight in ten readers (82%) cite local information as their main reason for reading, including local news, editorial, sports, entertainment and events. And in many cases, that local coverage cannot be found anywhere else.

And half of readers (51%) are reading for the advertising in their community newspapers, including flyers and inserts. And three-quarters of newspaper readers (74%) believe supporting the advertisers in their local newspapers is important.

If you need a reason why advertising in the local paper matters, look at the community stories told in the newspaper and on their websites and their efforts supporting all local businesses, in good times and bad.

Whether in print or online, advertising in a community newspaper is a tried and true way to generate and grow business. It is a partnership to grow the community and invest in those who live, work and play there.