New ‘Local Matters’ presentation now available

Local journalism is vital to our democracy and keeps communities informed and connected. In this era of fake news, it is more important than ever before that Canadians have access to trusted, fact-based information.

News Media Canada is pleased to release a new presentation focused on the importance of local and newspapers, with updated research and examples illustrating how local news unites communities.

Local news continues to be a driving force for newspaper engagement, readers, and advertisers. Every week community newspapers shine an unfiltered light on their community and are solely dedicated to telling the stories of the community.

More than nine in ten readers (92%) cite local information as their main reason for reading, including local news, editorial, sports, entertainment, and events. And in many cases, that local coverage cannot be found anywhere else.

Download the presentation (PowerPoint* and PDF) to use in your local sales efforts, community presentations, or media kits.

*Download the Champions font for the PPT version to display properly*

Members are welcome to use the material in its entirety or just the parts relevant to their needs. Speaker notes and references are included as well. And don’t forget to add your own examples of local support and engagement!