Getting a clearer picture of Canadians’ digital behaviour

Environics Analytics and Vividata have partnered up to launch a new tool that helps users get a clearer picture of the digital behaviour of Canadians.

Earlier this week, the organizations launched Opticks Digital Powered by Vividata. The database provides users with a multi-channel view of the online Canadian consumer through the measurement of over 1100 apps and websites.

The benefit of this tool is providing organizations with clear insights for local marketing, tailored messaging and media planning.

Vividata recently released the Winter 2023 results of its Study of the Canadian Consumer. That study provided some insightful data about the readership of daily and community newspapers. For example:

  • Nearly 7 in 10 Canadian adults (21.7 million) read or access print or digital newspaper content (whether a daily or community newspaper) in an average week, with 56% of daily newspaper brand readers accessing content ​on a mobile device.​
  • 69% of Canadians agree, “The health of our democracy depends on journalists reporting the facts accurately”, agreement increases to 76% among those 50+.