More than half of readers access newspaper content on a mobile device, research shows

According to the most recent Vividata release of the Study of the Canadian Consumer, more than 21 million Canadian adults read or access print or digital newspaper content in an average week. And more than half (56%) of newspaper readers now access content on a mobile device.

Every week almost 30 million newspapers are circulated across Canada, keeping readers connected to their communities with trusted editorial and advertising content.  Most readers now access newspapers on various digital platforms, including computers, tablets, phones, and even smart speakers.

In its original layout, even the printed newspaper is now available digitally.  Many newspapers now produce a digital e-paper that looks exactly like the printed newspaper, with the same layout, stories, photos, and even ads.

E-papers offer digital features like commenting, scrolling, sharing, and searching to the traditional layout of a printed newspaper.  Readers can now read this digital pdf replica of their printed newspaper on computers, tablets, and even their phones.

As readers continue to shift to digital formats, newspapers are evolving to engage with readers in new ways.