Research shows newspapers still reach a vast majority of Canadians

A new study released last week by Vividata highlights that newspaper content, either in print or digital formats, are widely popular with the Canadian public.

According to the study, nearly out of three Canadian adults read or access print or digital daily newspaper content in an average week. The makeup of newspaper readers include:

  • Print-only readers (25%)
  • Print and mobile readers (18%)
  • Those who read print, computer, and mobile (17%).

The study also found that newspaper brand readers are more active on weekdays (47%) than weekends (35%).

Community newspapers have an audience of two out of five Canadian adults per week. Readership is highest for community newspapers in British Columbia, where 51% of people are weekly readers and 65% read monthly.

Community newspaper readers are interested in the flyers inserted in the papers, which they use for grocery shopping decisions (56%) and say they read the newspaper mainly for local news (79%).