Canadian media matters

Local media is part of the fabric of every community in Canada, providing information and resources that ensure transparency, promote accountability and support our economy. The Canadian Media Directors’ Council (CMDC) launched the Canadian Media Manifesto to increase media investments back to Canadian media to ensure we have a vibrant and healthy media ecosystem. The media landscape in Canada is more fragmented than ever. And that’s pulling money out of our communities and away from our local media.

Research conducted by Dentsu Media (on behalf of the CMDC) in November 2022 focused on local media, who Canadians trust and topics that matter to Canadians in their local news. Six out of ten Canadians strongly agree that local news is valuable BUT four out of ten find local news is less accessible. “The loss of local media means Canadians have less access to the news they trust and rely on.

News Media Canada research confirms that newspaper content continues to be trusted more than other forms of media, particularly social media. Six in ten Canadians trust editorial content in printed or digital newspapers. Visit the Newspapers 24/7: 2023 research page for more information and to access study material.