Former AWNA employee Joan King passes away

We’re sorry to report that long-time AWNA employee Joan King passed away on May 8th. Joan was hired by former association executive director Bill Draayer when the office first opened in the mid 1970’s.  She handled the One order- one bill advertising service in its early stages, when everything was done manually and on paper, then helped the association transition to computers in the early 80’s.  She stubbornly kept a manual logbook of ad campaigns for years after we had been sending those orders to members on computer forms.

Joan retired from the AWNA in 1995, so was around for the early years of desktop publishing but couldn’t enjoy the convenience of sending ads to the members electronically, which ended the era of packaging up/sending the week’s advertisements to members via courier.Many members will remember Joan presiding over the registration desk at the association’s conferences. She was able to enjoy the 75th annual association conference, held in Edmonton in September 1995.

You can read her obit here.