New research: How much do Canadians trust different media outlets?

new study by Pollara shows Canadians place a high level of trust in national news networks like CTV, Global, and the CBC, and in major print publications like The Globe and Mail, The National Post, Maclean’s, and The Toronto Star.

Though Canadians are largely trusting of major Canadian media outlets, there is a partisan divide, with Liberal voters more trusting than Conservative voters of most major news outlet.

The research also documents the decline of local newspapers. The study found that Canadians that live in rural locations are significantly less likely to get news from print newspapers, or online, than Canadians living in urban areas.

Moreover, news consumptions levels are similar across educations groups, with the exception of online newspapers. About 45 per cent of those with university degrees regularly get news from them, compared to only 29 per cent without degrees.

You can read all about the study’s findings here.