LMA Virtual Conference: Digital Storytelling in a Mobile First World

Content Day Headlines are everything when it comes to engaging, getting a click and not disappointing the reader. In this session, we’ll explore how to write great digital headlines, examples of what is working and tips for keeping SEO in mind when writing a headline. Presenter: David Arkin, Chief Content Officer, Local Media Assocation Fee: […]

LMA Virtual Conference: Google Is Making the News a Top Priority

Content Day Google has stated that news is one of the top six OKR goals companywide. As digital consumption of news continues to change, they are striving to support the change, assist with data-driven journalism and find opportunities to use their assets to facilitate storytelling. Google’s mission is to drive digital sustainability for news organizations […]

LMA Virtual Conference: What You Need to Know About Selling Video and Mobile Advertising

Sales Management Day Video and mobile marketing are ever changing and complex and how can sales reps keep their pitches current and continue to on-board new clients? If you care about revenue, you’ve got to maximize them. Steve Bookbinder will teach you about the latest developments in video and mobile by reviewing key industry statistics […]

LMA Virtual Conference: The True Art of Onboarding – When, How and Why

Sales Management Day A ‘hot’ word today in recruiting, many think it starts on the new hires first day and lasts until they have gone through the initial training, but in this session you will learn that it starts long before and goes much longer. With low unemployment, it is harder to attract and retain […]

LMA Virtual Conference: How to Crank up the Sales Leads

Sales Management Day Wouldn’t it be fantastic if you had a steady stream of leads coming into your sales department? Wouldn’t it be even better if this steady stream were filled with qualified sales leads? This is possible, and it’s often achieved by businesses actively working a lead generation strategy that includes both inbound marketing […]

LMA Virtual Conference: 2017 Innovation Mission Top Takeaways

Innovation Day Expect the unexpected when LMA President Nancy Lane shares some of the top takeaways from the 8th annual Innovation Mission. Major change is on the horizon when it comes to media transformation. Good-bye banner ads and pop ups; hello newsfeed style layouts and new/beautiful ad formats. Revenue diversification beyond digital is also a […]

LMA Virtual Conference: Top 5 Audience Challenges

Innovation Day The Engaging News Project at the University of Texas has a stated mission to “provide news organizations with research-based techniques for engaging digital audiences in commercially viable and democratically beneficial ways.” They have partnered with media companies such as McClatchy and Texas Tribune on research initiatives. Their director will present on their latest […]

LMA Webinar: Inside Look: ‘The Secrets of Driving Digital Transformation’

An R&D Partner Webinar For a traditional media outlet, adding digital to your product mix can feel like getting into uncharted waters. Join us as we share how a leading publisher navigated the digital revolution. We’ll share how this organization leveraged a 40% increase in digital gross sales to complement their traditional product base and […]

LMA Webinar: Effective Prospecting: 5 Steps to More Conversions

Do you really know how to hit the streets and close some sales? Here’s a breakdown of the winning formula we’ll walk you through: How to decide who to call on How to properly prepare before each call How to customize your approach for each call How to approach each prospect (in-person, phone, or email) […]


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