Five more Bowes papers sign on to ComBase

Five more Bowes Newspaper Network community newspapers have signed up to participate in ComBase.

The five Saskatchewan papers participating in the readership research study are: the Kinistino/Birch Hills Post Gazette, Lloydminster Meridian Booster, Meadow Lake Progress, Melfort Journal and Nipawin Journal.

ÔÇ£Most of these papers represent significant markets and that is very good for the study,ÔÇØ said ComBase President Elena Dunn. ÔÇ£These papers add to the value of ComBase.ÔÇØ

(as of Nov. 22, 2002)

ÔÇó Kinistino/Birch Hills (SK) Post Gazette
ÔÇó Lloydminster Meridian (SK) Booster
ÔÇó Meadow Lake (SK) Progress
ÔÇó Melfort (SK) Journal
ÔÇó Nipawin (SK) Journal
ÔÇó Camrose (AB) Canadian
ÔÇó High River (AB) Times
ÔÇó Leduc (AB) Representative
ÔÇó Strathmore (AB) Standard
ÔÇó Whitecourt (AB) Star

This is the second set of five Bowes newspapers that have joined ComBase. The first set of five, located in Alberta, consisted of the Whitecourt Star, Leduc Representative, Camrose Canadian, High River Times and Strathmore Standard.

Bowes President Bill Dempsey said at the time the original five papers signed on that he hoped more Bowes papers would participate in ComBase. ÔÇ£I think that ComBase is worth a shot to see if we can get on the radar screens of these agencies,ÔÇØ Dempsey said. ÔÇ£To me, over the years there has not been a combined effort to try and put our story forward to the decision makers on a consolidated bases and I think that win, lose or draw, itÔÇÖs worth a shot to go ahead and see what happens.

ÔÇØNow Rome wasnÔÇÖt built in a day, but after we get this thing going, if in fact the results become positive, I think itÔÇÖs going to pick up some momentum and take on a life of its own. If the proof is in the pudding, everyone will benefit. We said right at the outset that we were ComBase supporters,ÔÇØ he said.