Becoming a Verified Circulation member

New to circulation auditing? Thinking of switching from your current service provider? This monthÔÇÖs Q&A answers some of the questions you might have if you are considering joining VC.

Membership Application

Q:  Why should we choose VC?
Verified Circulation (VC) is a service of the Canadian Community Newspapers Association that provides publishers, government, advertising agencies and advertisers with reliable audited circulation data. Today, VC audits more than 600 publications, including community newspapers and business, consumer and farm publications, making it the largest Canadian-owned circulation auditing service in the country.

VC is also an inexpensive, self-administered program, making it the cost-effective choice for large and small publications alike. VC adheres to the strict standards demanded by government and industry. This includes ensuring audits are conducted at armÔÇÖs length by independent chartered accountants or auditors with extensive knowledge of media circulation.

Q:  What do you mean by ÔÇ£self-administeredÔÇØ? What do we have to do as a VC member?
Whenever you publish an issue, take a few minutes to fill out the appropriate circulation forms, recording your mail subscriptions, circulation figures, carriers, dealers and distributors, and to gather your receipts and other supporting documents. Doing this regularly enables you to keep your records up to date and manageable, and to file accurate and timely reports.

Have a central location in which to file receipts, statements, forms, and other supporting documentation. Keep press run certificates and records of all distribution of your newspaper, from subscriptions and dealer sales to counter sales and complimentary copies.

VC members are responsible for filing two circulation reports per year, i.e. every six months. Completing a six-month report is as simple as transferring the totals from the forms that you completed throughout the period.

Q:  What happens to my six-month reports? How is an audit done?
The VC office reviews each six-month report and issues a PublisherÔÇÖs Statement. This is your confirmation that the information has been received.

Your initial six-month report must be audited by the VC auditor. Following that report, subsequent six-month reports are audited in pairs by your choice either the VC Auditor or an independent chartered accountant. (Business, consumer and farm publications must use the VC Auditor.)

Upon successful completion of an audit, the auditor sends a notice and the results to the VC office, which issues an Audit Report.

When preparing your report submissions, check and re-check to ensure you have included copies of all necessary documentation. And be prepared to submit additional information if requested by the auditor.

Q:  How do I join Verified Circulation ?
To apply, visit the VC web site at and download the application form and membership rate cord. Members of the Canadian Community Newspapers Association and publications owned by them are eligible for reduced rates.

Be sure to start off on the right foot. If you have any additional questions, contact VC Coordinator Winnie Legaspi by phone toll-free at 1-877-305-2262 ext. 23 or by email at