Reminder: Canada Periodical Fund application deadline February 19

The Department of Canadian Heritage is currently accepting applications to the Canada Periodical Fund beginning with the Aid to Publishers (ATP) component.

The deadline for applications is February 19, 2010. Formula funding from the CPF will not be granted in 2010-2011 if your application is not sent by this deadline. Postal subsidies from the Publications Assistance Program (PAP) will end on March 31, 2010.

CPF officials will acknowledge receipt of applications by email.

Two application processes will be used in 2010-2011 for the ATP component:

• a special "one-time-only" process for certain current recipients of the Canada Magazine Fund (CMF) and the Publications Assistance Program (PAP); and
• the standard Aid to Publishers process, which will be used by all other applicants.

Special process for certain current recipients

Publications that have been identified as able to use the special process are listed on the CPF Web site. If your publication is on the list, you should already have received another e-mail with instructions on how to apply using the special "one-time-only" process, including the attestation form. Do not use the regular application form on the Web site.

If your publication appears on the list, and you have not received the email with the attestation form, please contact us as soon as possible.

Standard process for all others

Publications that are not on the list will use the regular application form on the CPF Web site. Note: some publishers may have some publications that are on the list and some that are not.

Application deadline

The Aid to Publishers application deadline is February 19, 2010, for all applicants.

Please circulate this message to inform your colleagues. Check the CPF web site regularly for updates and announcements. The Web site can be found at the following link:

If you have any questions, CPF staff can be reached by e-mail at:, or by calling 1-800-641-9221.

Details for the other two CPF components, Business Innovation and Collective Initiatives, will be released shortly.