Canada Post resumes operations following passage of Bill C-6

JUNE 27, 2011 – Canada Post will resume operations across the country following the passage of back to work legislation on Sunday, June 26.

According to a notice on the Crown Corporation’s website, any mail in the system at the time of the work disruption has been secured for processing and delivery. Consumers and businesses can expect to begin receiving mail tomorrow; however, it will take some time to stabilize operations and return to normal delivery standards.

Last week, Newspapers Canada contacted Canada Post on behalf of our members in order to determine whether or not newspapers will be eligible for rebates on mailing that was disrupted due to the lockout. While the Crown Corporation cannot guarantee refunds will be paid out, a customer service adjustment or goodwill payment may be considered. All compensation would be assessed by the Customer Relations team on a per-case basis. Those interested in submitting a request for a refund should complete an online webform in the Contact Commercial Services section of the Canada Post website or contact customer service representatives by phone at 1-866-607-6301.

Any members of the Canadian Media Circulation Audit that were affected by the postal strikes and lockout are asked to review the CMCA circulation reporting procedures released by Newspapers Canada last week.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding Canada Post, please contact Newspapers Canada’s managing director, community media, Tina Ongkeko at