Reminder: Canada Post changes taking effect in January 2012

NOVEMBER 15, 2011 – Members who use mail delivery should note upcoming changes to Canada Post’s Unaddressed Admail and Publications Mail services. The changes, which were announced by Canada Post on July 25, 2011, and which take effect on January 16, 2012, cover several areas, including mail preparation, pricing changes, service enhancements, and seasonal discounts.

Additionally, other recent or upcoming changes of interest to members are noted below.

For a complete overview of all price and service changes taking effect on January 16, 2012, click here.

Key changes within Unaddressed Admail – effective January 16, 2012

NEW: 10% seasonality discount for Unaddressed Admail orders deposited 6 months of the year (January, February, June, July, August and December)

  • For newspapers using Unaddressed Admail, this 10% seasonal discount can represent considerable savings.
  • Exclusions: The 10% seasonality discount does not apply to SOM Only orders, manual Statements of Mailing, Transportation Fees or the High Demand Route Premium.

REMINDER: Usage of Canada Post bags has been discontinued

  • Flats Tubs (Oversize items only) and Lettertainers may be used, subject to availability.

NEW: Overall weighted average rate increase of 5.3% (will vary depending on volume, weight, fees, etc.)

NEW: Progressive per gram rate reduction (50 – 100g and over 100g weight bands) as volume commitment increases (currently progressive rate remains the same regardless of volume level)

UPDATED: Householder Counts and Maps on

  • Improvements to this online tool facilitates the capacity for you to determine the number of points of calls (houses, apartments, farms and businesses) in a selected geographical area, and provides you with the ability to better target customers and prospects.
  • Refer to the Householder Counts and Maps at as of January 16, 2012, to view updated information, which will also identify High Demand Routes.

NEW: Discontinuing access to Unaddressed Admail contract prices when using SOM only version of EST

  • “SOM Only” is a version of Canada Post’s Electronic Shipping Tools (EST) whereby only the Order is created—i.e., the system does not create container labels, or an Admail Delivery Slip, and the 1% automation incentive is not applied. In addition, the Mailing Plan details are not provided and there is no integration into Event Manager (tracking capabilities). The SOM Only version of EST restricts the ability to implement future enhancements that provide you with better data.
  • Effective January 16, 2012, customers that use the SOM Only version of EST to create Orders for Unaddressed Admail will no longer have access to contract prices and the volume inducted using SOM Only will no longer apply to their Annual Volume Commitment.
  • In order to ensure you receive your volume discount, and to take advantage of the validation and automation capabilities of EST (including the creation of the paperwork required to submit your mailing), use either the fully featured version of EST Online, or download and install the EST 2.0 version of the application.
  • To find out which of these applications best suits your needs, and for additional information, please visit

NEW: Precision Targeter online application for targeting, pricing and ordering Unaddressed Admail

  • P