Flipp and Metroland Media partner on digital innovation to revitalize local commerce in Ontario

It was announced earlier this week that Flipp Operations Inc. was partnering with Metroland Media Group Ltd to help guarantee that local communities in Ontario are integrated into Flipp’s comprehensive digital distribution network.

By leveraging Flipp’s platform, this partnership aims to bridge the gap between traditional and digital media, offering an innovative solution to the ongoing challenge of engaging with local audiences in a rapidly evolving digital landscape. Metroland’s rich history and deep-rooted connection with Ontario’s communities, combined with Flipp’s digital expertise, promise to create a dynamic digital ecosystem that benefits all stakeholders – from local retailers to the end consumers.

“Our collaboration with Flipp comes from Metroland’s commitment to serving our communities,” said Brandon Grosvenor, Chief Revenue Officer at Torstar. “Our readers count on us to connect them with information and offers that are close to home, be it through our community news sites or on Save.ca. By innovating with Flipp, we keep that connection going strong – delivering a familiar and valued experience with local flyers, online.”