Meet the reporters covering INK+BEYOND 2013

As in previous years, Newspapers Canada will be covering the INK+BEYOND national newspaper conference with help from a volunteer team. For the 2013 conference, representatives from the Canadian University Press and journalism students from Algonquin College in Ottawa will be posting photos and news articles covering speaker sessions, workshops, awards galas and other events.

Follow along with their coverage on the Newspapers Canada website and in a special conference-themed edition of News on News on Thursday, May 9.

Read below to learn more about the reporters covering the event.



Rachel Aiello – Journalism Student, Algonquin College
Rachel recently completed the third year of her joint Honours Bachelor in Journalism at the University of Ottawa and Algonquin College. She is the current Managing Editor of the OCNA award winning school paper, The Algonquin Times. She has written for several local publications and is looking forward to freelancing throughout the summer. With a finger constantly on the pulse of what’s happening she hopes her passion and drive for all-things journalistic will propel her into an impassioned career in the industry.


Sam Brooks – Acting President, Canadian University Press
Born and raised in Edmonton, Sam is first and foremost an Eskimos enthusiast (though he’s a pretty big Hamilton Ti-Cats fan when pressed). Opting to stay close to home, Sam enrolled in Mechanical Engineering at the University of Alberta. After realizing his overwhelming lack of passion for differential calculus, Brooks decided to balance out his post-secondary experience with something more fun, ultimately joining forces with the Gateway as a volunteer photographer. 

Five years, a stint as the Griff’s Photo & Graphics Editor, a term as Gateway board chair, and a couple well-tailored suits later, Sam now sits at the helm of CUP as the equally feared and respected president. Except he’s not feared at all, because we all remember the time he used a hotel coffee pot as a highball glass. He also really likes his job. Like, a lot.

Dani-Elle Dubé – Journalism Student, Algonquin College
Dani-Elle is currently enrolled in the joint Honours Bachelors journalism program with Algonquin College and the University of Ottawa. She has already written for national Canadian publications — like Capital Style and Wedding Dreams magazines, among others — and publications in New York City. Dani-Elle also studied and completed the Television Broadcasting program at Algonquin and the Broadcast Journalism program at the New York Film Academy and won Writer of the Year with the University of Ottawa’s Fulcrum newspaper in 2011. Her interests lie in current affairs, politics and lifestyle. She is currently completing the last year of her studies at Algonquin and serves as the Lifestyles Editor and Video Editor for the Algonquin Times. Dani-Elle is a passionate reporter and storyteller with a reputation for going above and beyond the call of duty.


Erin H