Changes to CCNA board of directors

During the annual general meeting of the Canadian Community Newspapers Association (CCNA) held on May 1, 2013, members voted by majority in favour of the proposed by-law amendment to reduce the number of directors an Affiliated Member may appoint. The changes made reduced the size of the board from its previous 22 members plus the chair to the current 11 members plus a chair.

“I am pleased that our membership saw the merits in the new board structure,” said CCNA President Greg Nesbitt. “It’s the biggest change to the governance structure of the organization in years.”

Nesbitt said he believes the new board is prepared to “roll up its sleeves” and tackle the issues that are affecting all members of CCNA.

“Our industry needs a vision for the future and I know each and every one of the regional representatives on the board is prepared to go to work to make CCNA relevant to all our members, regardless of their size or ownership.”

The full CCNA board list can be viewed at