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The Challenge: Nissan wanted to launch its all-new Nissan Altima in an innovative way.

The Objective: To break through and stand out from all other car advertising and in doing so, get consumers to take action and schedule a test drive.

The Plan: Consumers look to newspapers for the latest automobile news and launches. Both editorial and the advertising in combination provides valuable information about the latest car models.

New technology, augmented reality (AR) is allowing newspaper advertisers to deliver their message beyond the printed page. The reader simply downloads an app to their mobile phone, in this case an app called Layar. With the app on, the mobile is held over an ad (which highlighted to have Layar) and ‘bubbles’ offering further information appear. Alternatively images, sound and video can be shown using the app.

Potential Nissan drivers were identified to be early adopters of technology, so newspapers with Layar technology were a perfect fit!

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