Beyond the expected: 6 unique ad ideas for newspapers

News media companies deliver print and digital advertisements, of course, But today, they offer far more. In a blog post for INMA, Newspapers Canada’s Suzanne Raitt shares six innovative examples of what newspapers have done to deliver the advertiser’s message in a relevant and unique way:

  • Events: A local brewpub asks patrons to draw its newspaper ad which it then delivers to neighborhood.
  • Sound: An advertiser has the newspaper box emit a sound every time it is opened to draw attention to its message.
  • Sponsored content/native advertising: Used in print and on newspaper sites, it allows the advertiser to share more information on a topic.
  • Demonstration: the newspaper and the box were transformed by McDonald’s for the day to highlight its new product offering.
  • Breakthrough digital: An advertiser blows up the newspaper site to make its point.
  • Augmented Reality: This allows a reader to use a smartphone in conjunction with a newspaper to bring an ad to life.

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